Suburban Hot Water Recall

Suburban hot water systems are common on many makes of caravans in Australia. Many are subject to a current recall. You can check whether your unit is affected here, and if affected, and if you are in the Toowoomba region - RV Service Centre Toowoomba is available to carry out the required recall.

Step 1) Identify the serial # of your unit

Use the instructions here to identify the serial # of your Suburban hot water system

Step 2) Is it affected?

Affected units were sold by the importer/manufacturer by Coast RV Pty Ltd between 1 May 2018 and 25 September 2019, but this is not necessarily the dates which you van was manufacturered, or when you purchased it. 

  • Affected Model numbers are SVV6PA, SW6DEA, SWE6DA, SW4DEA, SW4DA, SW4DECA and SW6DECA
  • Affected serial numbers with serial numbers between :
    • 181315552 - 193002648 (some serial numbers may end with a 'D') 
    • 8183311827 - 8190201139.


Step 3) What to do if your unit is affected?

Contact RV Service Centre Toowoomba on 07 4633 0845, and we will organise a time for you to bring your van to our Toowoomba workshop for us to carry out the required repairs.


What is the actual problem?

The flange securing the burner heat exchanger tube to the internal front fascia of the appliance may not be properly formed. During use on gas, hot water services with the defect may emit carbon monoxide into the caravan or motor home. If the unit is powered by gas and is operated in an enclosed area — such as caravan or motorhome - carbon monoxide may spill into the vehicle and poisoning could occur resulting in serious illness, injury or death.

How to check your Suburban serial number

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