What is Bondwood?

“Bondwood is a “brand” name that is unique to Boral Plywood. Plywood is the product name for the whole industry that takes logs and peels them to thin veneers then glues the veneer back together to make a strong panel.
“Bondwood” is actually Marine Plywood made from Hoop Pine. It is the highest quality that can be made regarding internal veneer construction and face veneers from Hoop Pine. Marine Plywood is actually referring to the glue being used. It is waterproof, so suitable for marine applications. The veneer or wood fibre is actually untreated against water decay etc.

We stopped marketing the Bondwood name about five years ago and now call it simply “Marine Plywood” which it is by definition. In Marine Plywood or Bondwood three face/back grades are available AA, SS and the lowest quality is OO. OO grade is suitable for overlay purposes.

Marine Plywood is the most twist resistant plywood made in Australia. Austral and ourselves (Boral Plywood) being the only manufactures of Australian Standard AS 2271 and AS 2272 Marine Plywood.

Over the years we have sold large amounts of “Bondwood” to Vic, SA and Tas, so I guess the name is living-on more in those areas compared to other States.

Read more:http://vintagecaravans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=technicalstuffboard&action=display&thread=1773#ixzz2b4T2vJmc

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