Top trailer maintenance tips: Trailer Service

Many of the trailers we see in our workshop have been unserviced for many years and are often not roadworthy. Any trailer is a very useful investment and it’s suprising how long a life you can get out of such a basic bit of gear, with just some regular simple maintenance.

Here are our top trailer maintenance tips to help you to retain the value of your trailer and save money on repairs:
  1.  For safety’s sake – make sure that the lights work. Wiring on trailers and the trailer plug are exposed to the elements so need a check every now and then to inspect for wear. For advice on making sure your trailer lights are working – read our guide.
  2. Prevent rust. Rust will eat through your trailer. We have seen trailers with axles so rusty that the wheels are actually falling off. Store the trailer at an angle so that water can run out of the tray. Use the jockey wheel if you have one. If you notice rust, sand it back and apply a rustproof paint to help stop the problem spreading. A trailer cover is really the best idea if you store your trailer outside.
  3. Keep trailer parts greased to prevent dirt and water from causing damage.
  4. Check your tyres. Tyres crack and split in the sun and they deflate if left unused for long periods. Driving on under-inflated tyres wears the tyres unevenly and will mean the need to replace them more often.
  5. Wheel bearings need to be re-greased and replaced every few years or more frequently if the trailer is doing lots of k’s.
  6. Just like a car – get the trailer brakes serviced regularly (if your trailer has brakes).
The easiest way to look after your trailer is to get a trailer service every few years or annually if your trailer is a work trailer.

A trailer service is a cost effective way to ensure that your trailer will retain it’s value, stay roadworthy and safe. An RVSC trailer service involves servicing wheels, bearings, brakes, axles, coupling components and wiring – all carried out by a licensed mechanic. For trailer servicing and repairs give us a call at the RV Service Centre. Our professional team are available for service bookings on a Saturday so that you don’t need to be without your work trailer during the week. 

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