Solutions to make your caravan more accessible and easier to manage

Many of our customers look for ways to make their caravan or motorhome more accessible and easier to manage.  There are a number of affordable solutions to make the van safer and easier to use. Here are a few of the popular options:

1. Combine an electric step with grab handles to make entering and exiting the van safe and easy.

Electric steps are available in single and double steps (best for offroad vans) and they offer convenient and steady access to your caravan or motorhome. At the RV Service Centre, when installing an electric step we position the switch just inside the van door at a comfortable height for the customer.  If your budget doesn’t extend to an electric step then a wide portable step might be a good solution but will need to be securely stored while travelling.

Large grab handles outside the door are a popular option. Smart folding handles lock over the main caravan door for additional security. Internal grab handles can also be added and may be helpful in the bathroom or beside the bed.

2. Take the strain out of getting your caravan level.

An electric jack stand replaces the jockey wheel and is able to be wound up and down with the push of a button to level the van (front to rear). The Bulldog Powered Jack is a high quality jack which is welded or bolted on permanently and wired-in. The jack features a light for easy use at night. This is a great solution for caravanners who want to take the strain out winding a jockey wheel.

You will still need to level the van left to right using chocks and the stabilizer legs will need to be wound down to stop the van bouncing around when you are moving inside. To reduce the effort in winding stabilizer legs one option is to use an 18v cordless drill with a 19mm socket attachment.

The ultimate upgrade is automatic levelling jacks which will remove the need for winding a jockey wheel and stabilizer legs. Auto levelling jacks make levelling the van a breeze for one person.

RedFoot caravan levelling jacks are hydraulic jacks installed on each corner of the caravan. They are operated by remote control to automatically level the caravan. This premium option alleviates the need to manually wind down the corner legs and can also be used to raise one side of the caravan to change a tyre or the front of van to hitch up. The Redfoot caravan levelling jacks are the easiest and most convenient way to level your caravan. One customer has recently opted for the automatic levelling jacks for their motorhome which is a great solution as motorhomes can be difficult to level all four (or sometimes 6) wheels of the truck.

Getting your caravan or motorhome level is a job made easier with the right gear and gear that is serviced and working smoothly. At the RV Service Centre we stock a full range of the best products in levelling and we can install and service powered jack stands and RedFoot levelling jacks on your caravan or motorhome.

3. Flick mixer taps are an affordable upgrade.

Flick mixer taps can replace traditional screw action taps or hand pump taps – with the addition of a water pump. Water pumps are small and able to be installed close to the water tank and powered from the caravan battery.

4. Run 240 volt appliances like a CPAP machine from the house batteries with an inverter.

CPAP machines (Constant Pressure Air Pump) are quite common with many of our customers, needing to be used during sleep and/or during the day. These are generally a 240V device designed for use from domestic mains power. In a caravan, you need to run them through an inverter – which is a device that takes 12v battery power, and produces 240V main power. In selecting an inverter, you need to ensure you get the correct size unit which has a larger wattage than is required by the machine (and any other appliances like a laptop that you wish to run). Our team at the RV Service Centre can calculate your power requirements and provide you with a specific inverter recommendation for your needs.

There are a range of solutions to make your caravan more accessible and easier to manage. A few small adjustments to your RV might make all the difference for a comfortable, easy trip. For a free quote or more information on the possibilities give us a call at the RV Service Centre or visit our showroom.

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