Pro tip for caravan reversing: Invest in a caravan reversing camera

A caravan reversing camera offers better vision and safety while towing.
Change lanes confidently and reverse like a pro because you can see what’s happening behind your caravan with a reversing camera.

The newly available Furrion Vision S Reversing Camera is a great way to make reversing a caravan or changing lanes safer and easier with 120 degrees of vision. The camera features audio so you can hear instructions from someone guiding you and the display can also show guiding lines to assist parking your caravan. The Furrion Vision S is available with either a 5 inch or 7 inch touch screen display and features wireless connection to the camera for simple installation.

The key features of the Furrion Vision S are:

  • 120 degree viewing angle
  • Infrared night vision
  • High resolution camera display
  • Motion detection
  • IP65 waterproof camera
  • 2.4GHz wireless communication digitally locks to the camera system for minimal interference
  • Touch screen with anti-glare display
  • Ability to display up to 4 cameras with audio
  • The monitor can be mounted with the included windshield or universal surface mount

The Furrion Vision S Caravan Reversing Camera can help you to reverse your caravan and change lanes confidently. With better vision behind the caravan, the driver can see where the caravan needs to go and any obstacles that you need to avoid. For more information on caravan reversing cameras, the Vision S and installation visit our showroom at the RV Service Centre or give our friendly team a call.

It is worth noting that a caravan reversing camera is not a substitute for good towing mirrors. A caravan reversing camera will only show you what is happening behind the caravan. Towing mirrors show you what is happening beside the caravan. For more information on towing mirrors see our buyers guide here.

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