Plan to Survive – Fire Safety in Caravans

A caravan can quickly catch fire, giving you very little time to get out in an emergency. 

It is crucial you have an effective smoke alarm installed and working in your caravan. Even though they can be annoying sometimes when you're cooking, it is vital that you do not disable them. Smoke alarms come in various types – ionisation and photoelectric. The photoelectric type are less sensitive to cooking nuisance. For the little extra is price they are generally worth it.

It is also worthwhile having a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket for fighting small fires. Install the fire extinguisher near the main door so you can easily grab it on the way out. Ensure the extinguisher is maintained and replaced before its expiry date. Ensure your caravan fire extinguisher is a powder type rated for solids, liquids, electrical. Hang the fire blanket on the kitchen wall near the stove – so you can grab it immediately when required.  These few small steps could save your life and protect your caravan.

We also recommend having a fire extinguisher stored in your vehicle – again easily accessible, along with a first aid kit. In the event of a fire or other catastrophe in your van, you need to have immediate access to first aid, and having it in your vehicle gives you this backup.

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