Caravan Suspension Upgrade Toowoomba – Upgrade your onroad caravan to an offroad caravan

A caravan suspension upgrade to Independent Suspension will give you better towing stability on the road, a smoother ride and potential offroad capability. Often you can upgrade your onroad caravan to an offroad caravan affordably and with great results.

Most onroad caravans feature a beam axle which means that you cannot move one wheel without moving the other. In the case that one wheel hits a pot-hole the entire van will jump around because the other wheel is affected at the same time. The force from the caravan is then transferred to the vehicle resulting in a bumpy ride.  The benefit of Independent Suspension is that you can keep those forces on the caravan and create a more comfortable ride in your vehicle.

Shock absorbers are a great way to improve and add comfort to your ride. Adding shock absorbers to any standard caravan will improve onroad handling, reduce sway and reduce the wear on the items that you are carrying in the caravan. At the RV Service Centre we offer the leading independent suspension products. We install and recommend Vehicle Components and AL-KO Enduro Indepedent Suspension which will give you the confidence to go anywhere.

The photos below showcase an onroad Jayco Basestation which our professional team upgraded to an offroad caravan. The work carried out included a caravan suspension upgrade using Vehicle Components Suspension, shock absorbers, checkerplating to the side walls of the caravan and new wheels and tyres. As part of their suspension upgrade many customers choose to upgrade their caravan coupling to an offroad coupling and upgrade their caravan tyres and rims to offroad tyres.

Upgrading your caravan suspension from an onroad to an offroad caravan is more affordable than you might think. Customers who have an onroad caravan that they love but are wanting a van to go offroading or even gravel-roading can get a suspension upgrade on their caravan for much less than trading-in their caravan for an offroad model. When your caravan brakes and drums wear out can also be a good opportunity to do a suspension upgrade. If you are considering a caravan suspension upgrade and would like further information talk to us at the RV Service Centre Toowoomba.

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