Better than an Annex! Caravan Shade Screens

If you’re looking to make your outdoor area more usable, in more weather conditions, a set of caravan shade screens is the answer.

These are available in silver or black, and you can choose the combination that suits your van’s awning.

  • The “long wall” is sized to match the length of your awning. E.g. if you awning is 17′, get the 17′ shade screen. (Check out how our guide on how to measure a caravan  awning)
  • The “end wall” is available in 2 versions – either Caravan, or Pop-Top.  The caravan size has a tapered top, where the pop-top one has a square top. (This is because they hang from the awning hardware rafter – on pop-tops the rafter sits horizontal, but on caravans they slope down).

Compact & Easy

The walls fold up into a very compact storage bag – about the size of a small briefcase. This makes them easy to carry and store. Unlike a full annex set that takes up a huge amount of space!

Quick to Setup

A full annex setup ends up being like a tent – taking 2 people 45 minutes to setup. Not really the point of having an awesome van. The caravan shade walls can be setup in just a few minutes by a single person. Easy peasy!

Ultimate setup?

Grab 1x long wall, and 2x end walls. You might not always use the full kit, but it gives you heaps of options.

Generally, you can orient your van on site such that you just use 1x long wall and 1x end wall. But for those “cosy” sites, where you need a bit more privacy, you’ll be glad to have the other end wall.

If you’re not using the other end wall, its so compact you won’t mind leaving it in the storage area.

What’s Included

The kits come with everything you need to get setup. Velcro straps for the end walls to go over the awning rafter, and pegs and ropes for tying down. The long wall has a rope sewn in the top to slide in the awning roller.

Tips for Caravan Shade Walls

  • Sometimes its better to get a slightly shorter screen – e.g. the 16′ screen for a 17′ awning, so that it leaves a 1′ gap that you can walk through easily. Handy if you end up with 2x end walls too.
  • Use bungy type cords for securing the shade wall to the pegs. The stretchiness of the bungy cords helps take the shock off the pegs, especially when it’s windy. This will reduce the tendency for the shade wall to pull pegs out of the ground.
  • Use bigger pegs. Pegs are included in the kit, but you may find that bigger pegs are better. (Consider screw in pegs for quick setup)
  • Get an anti-flap kit. An anti-flap kit is a set of aluminium hardware that attaches to the vinyl of your awning when its out and stops it flapping. You can hang the shade end walls off the anti flap kit, instead of the awning rafter. This will give you a much tighter, neater finish with less flapping. Read more about anti-flap kits.

In Stock

We stock all sizes of long walls and end walls in our Toowoomba showroom. Come in to have a look – but remember to know your awning size first!


Talk to us – give us a call 07 4633 0845, come in, or contact us online with your caravan shade wall enquiry

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