5 New Services During COVID-19


If you still want or need to drop your van to our workshop yourself, and just don’t want to have the face-to-face contact, we understand! Just talk to us on the phone to arrange a time. There will be a space available in our yard you can drive through, drop your van and keep going without seeing anyone. We’ll talk to you on the phone about the issues or work that you want done. Your van will disappear from where you left it, then re-appear later in the same place (with work completed) – Ghost styles!



Don’t even want to leave the house? Cool, we get that too.
We are offering a collect and drop-off service for many jobs in the local area – where we will stealthily collect & return your van from/to your home/premises. You won’t hear or see us – Ninja styles!



Need a bit for your van, but find it hard to describe? Normally you’d bring it in right? Now you can just use our web app to snap a photo on your phone and send it through to us. We’ll identify it, and get back to you with price and availability.

You can then use our PartCollect or PartDelivery services to DIY, or use our GhostRV or NinjaRV services to have it fitted. All without seeing anyone!

Launch RVSC PartID >>>



Need a part and need it right away? Just call us to order it, and we’ll have it ready for collection. No face-to-face interaction required.



Need a part. Want it delivered? Just give us a call and we’ll get it on the next courier. We are dispatching daily.


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