3 Keys to Understanding Caravan Weights

Working out whether your caravan is overweight - should be simple right? Just weigh it and check whether its over. 

In principle, yes, but there are actually multiple different weights specified for your van, and multiple weights specified for your vehicle too. And its YOUR responsibility to ensure you are compliant with ALL of them.  And right now, with such a huge increase in the numbers of caravans on the road, the authorities are getting very picky. 

We have a lot of customers who are trying to do the right thing, and come in to us with a weigh bridge ticket with some numbers on it. The problem is what the numbers relate to, and what was actually in the van/vehicle at the time of the measurement. 

So to keep it really simple, all you need measured are the 3 weights pictured here + an educated guess at whats missing from your rig at the time of weighing. So think about things like:

  • amount of fuel in the vehicle (1L = 1kg approx)
  • amount of fresh/grey water in the van (1L = 1kg approx)
  • # people in the vehicle
  • accessories / food / gear not in your rig 

Anything that you would add to the rig, needs to be listed - and whether it would go in the vehicle or the van.

Everything else can be calculated.


The great news is that we have lots of customers who are wanting to do the right thing and get their rig legal. So whether you have already been to a weigh bridge, or would like to take advantage of our own in-house weighing system to give you the full picture of your rig, we can get you checked now, and provide advice and solutions to get you legal on the road.

We offer a full range of services to assist including:

  • In-house weighing
  • Caravan ATM upgrades
  • Caravan modifications (upgrading suspensions, drawbards, moving tanks, accessories etc)
  • Vehicle GVM / GCM upgrades with Lovells suspension systems


So if you want a one-stop solution to ensure your rig is safe and legal on the road- make a booking with us here.


Axle weight / GTM

Combination Mass / GCM

Van weight / ATM

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