Cavan Solar Experts Toowoomba

If you want to venture away from caravan parks and the familiarity of the power pole, solar is the answer!

A suitably designed caravan solar system can run everything from your lights to your microwave. But beware! Specifying the right solar system for your rig takes some detailed analysis, including all appliances and fittings in your van, along with travel locations, times and tow vehicle alternator specifications.

We have designed in-house modeling software that tracks your planned journey, time of year, sunlight available, your tow vehicles alternator capacity, and total load requirements to calculate required battery capacity, solar panel type and size, cable sizes and vehicle wiring.

This comprehensive analysis ensures you will have a complete and successful independent power setup.

One of the most commonly overlooked components of independent solar power system currently is the use of a dual mode solar regulator and dc-dc charger. Due to the charging requirements of AGM batteries, charging directly from an Andersen plug on your tow vehicle is a pretty poor solution. If you are considering a solar install, it is imperative you upgrade to a dual mode regulator (which is very small cost difference) as part of the system. This device ensures 100% battery charge and overcomes limitations with common rail diesel engine’s smart/variable voltage alternators.

If you’d like more information about how to ensure the solar system you are considering is right for you, contact the caravan solar system experts in Toowoomba – RV Service Centre.