Caravan Decals / Stickers Replacements

If your van is starting to look a bit tired, with faded, or ripped/torn decals, here’s a quick way to give it a new lease on life – replace the caravan decals!

We have existing libraries of most makes and models including Jayco, Coromal, Avan, Retreat, Baroma, Millard and Viscount. If we don’t have already have it, we will create it for you.

We can supply the stickers in a complete DIY kit, or you can bring your van in and we will fit them for you.

We can even create replacement caravan decals from photos you supply, and post out everything you need to do the job yourself!

Replace your trailer plug regularly


We see a lot of electrical issues on caravans and trailers each week. Much of the time this is due to simple connection problems on the trailer plug – the 7-pin or 12-pin plug that connects your caravans brakes, indicators, stop lights etc; and/or the Anderson plug which is responsible for charging the van’s house batteries or running the fridge.

The trailer plugs suffer a lot of weather damage throughout the year. Most of the time they are unplugged from the vehicle and exposed to rain, salt water and dust. All of these contribute to corrosion of the pins themselves. And corrosion leads to poor connections and eventually electrical issues.

The plugs themselves only cost a few dollars each, and regular replacement can save you a lot of hassle on the road.

It is also worth regularly checking the condition of the socket on the tow vehicle for similar issues. Although these do tend to be better protected as they normally have covers on them.

We offer covers for both andersen plug and also 7-pin and 12-pin plugs for your caravan which extend the life of the fittings.