Compact IQ and ALKO ESC Compatability

We are pleased to confirm that following extensive testing and accreditation our next generation brake control unit, the Compact IQ™, is compatible with AL-KO ESC caravan and trailer braking systems.

As you know, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is one of a number of methods used to regain control over the caravan or trailer when sway occurs and control is lost. By applying the brakes on the caravan or trailer, ESC stabilises the towing load and pulls it back into a straight line.

About the CompactIQ™

The CompactIQ™ is one of our most sophisticated brake control units and has been developed with several key features to provide the driver with greater control in braking situations. As the smarter ‘Proportional’ cousin of the standard Compact time-based Brake Controller, the CompactIQ™ applies the brakes on the trailer or caravan in proportion to the vehicles braking . What’s more it only requires one dial and an LED light to be mounted near the driver, meaning that a spare switch plate can be used instead of drilling through the dashboard or centre console.

The CompactIQ™ is also Hayman Reese SmartClick™ compatible meaning that no soldering or scotch-locking is required if the unit is installed using a Hayman Reese wiring harness. For vehicles with a Hayman Reese towbar and wiring, installation is plug and play. Installation is just as easy for vehicles that do not have the Hayman Reese SmartClick™ wiring loom thanks to manual wiring adaptors included with our Brake Control Harnesses.

The CompactIQ™ retails for $250 including GST.