First Van Guide

Height of Van – put sticker on vehicle dashboard or rear view mirror. This helps to remind you when you’re about to go under a low bridge that you might just not make it.

Anodes – most common hot water systems require the sacrificial anode replaced every 6-12 months. Many people are not aware, and failing to replace anode causes hot water system to rust, deteriorate and then leak with potentially major consequences for other parts of your van..

Mechanical – get a trusted service provider to inspect all mechanical parts of your van – brakes, bearing, suspension. The major shortfall we see is from people who have had a van “serviced” prior to sale, and all that has been done is new grease has simply pushed in over the top of old grease. This is a recipe for disaster.

Sealants / Leaks – inspection for leaks on all joins, fitting and roof.

Vehicle Wiring – ensure your trailer plug wiring matches that of the van. Note that running fridge power and battery charge lines through a 7-pin plug or 12-pin plug are woefully under specified and you won’t get good results. For those jobs you need dedicated lines run through Andersen plug type connectors which handle larger diameter cable.

Brake Controller – ensure you have a suitable brake controller installed in your vehicle.