Caravan Window Leaks

Many older vans end up with leaking windows. This can be due to the installation of the window, or the window fitting itself. Sometimes, it is indirectly caused by a leak from another area of the van like a sheet join or a corner mould. Leaks tend to take a long time to become visible inside a van – by which time there can be considerable damage already caused to the framing and interior plys.

Simply re-sealing around a window is not always a great solution to fix a leak. Neither is using sealants around a window from inside the van. This is unfortunately something we see quite a bit of – it prevents water from dripping down the interior wall, which may seem like it has fixed the problem – but generally just means that the water is forced further inside the wall of your van, causing damage you are unable to see.

A proper fix is to fully remove the window, diagnose extent of damage to the interior frame, and refit the window properly, using a double sealant method.