Dexter Sway Control for Caravans – Toowoomba

RV Service Centre has just been appointed as an official installer and agent for the impressive Dexter Sway Control system for caravans and trailers.

This unit stops dangerous sway and jack-knifing of your caravan using an electronic controller that applies either the LEFT or RIGHT brake individually AS SOON as the trailer starts to sway.

The Dexter Sway Control (DSC) system is far more advanced than other units like the ALKO ESC control due to:

  • individual braking capability (the ALKO just applies both left and right brakes)
  • proportional braking – the DSC applies brake voltage according to the situation. The ALKO ESC system has a fixed voltage on or off.
  • immediate effect – the DSC starts operating immediately the van starts to move off course. The ALKO ESC system needs two complete “cycles” of sway before operating.
  • off-road function – if you are on rough or bumpy roads, the Dexter ESC system automatically detects this and disengages itself until back on smooth road. This prevents unwanted braking in off road situations.

We are able to retro-fit the Dexter Sway Control system to any caravan or 5th wheeler. It does not need to be installed by the manufacturer.

The unit comes with a 2 year warranty.

Because of it’s ability to prevent major accidents, some insurers offer a policy discount once you have the DSC fitted. CIL Insurance currently offer a 10% discount.