Caravan Reversing Cameras

There are plenty of options for reversing camera systems for your caravan or motorhome. They range in price and features, so there is always an option for your budget.

Wireless Reversing Systems – are limited to say the best. All systems tested in-house have very limited range, and are more suited to a small 4WD vehicle, not a trailer type installation. Reception is always patchy and the overall quality is just very poor.

Single Camera Systems – are a good option, and here there are plenty of brands/options. You pay for what you get. General issues we see are the cheaper kits have terrible quality plugs/sockets and this causes a lot of issues. Also, most of these cheaper systems, don’t have a proper curly cable between the tow vehicle and the caravan. Higher quality kits include special steel sockets with mounting brackets for fitting to the A-frame of the van, and the bumper of the vehicle; and also include a curly cable (known as a suzi coil) that gives you a perfect solution for any towed van.

Dual Camera Systems – are a great option, and now our default recommendation. The issue with single camera systems mounted on the rear of a caravan or motorhome, is that you need to make a choice whether the unit points upwards – so you can see traffic behind you, or downward – so you can see you bumper for reversing manoeuvers. The dual camera systems overcome this and allow you to have both fields of view – and just switch between them on the screen on the dash.

Triple Camera Systems – these add the 3rd camera to the tow vehicle so you can easily see your tow ball to make hitching SO much easier! These integrated into the same screen on the dash and are a very worthwhile addition.