Retrofit Awning LED Light Strip

Light up your outdoor living area with an LED strip light on your awning roller. Popular on some new vans, having a strip LED light run the length of your awning provides a huge increase in outdoor lighting. RV Service Centre Toowoomba now offers a retro-fit option to older vans.

Caravan awning strip light retrofit Caravan awning strip light retrofit


Part of the benefit is the sheer number of LED bulbs – a big increase over the single fitting on the wall of your van. The other really big benefit, is having the light source at the outer edge of your awning. This provides a great spread of light for cooking, reading, etc. No more needing to hover near the van to get good light.

So, if you are looking at getting more light for your caravan awning or annex, contact RV Service Centre about a retro-fit caravan awning LED strip light.