Caravan Door Handles

Your caravan door handle cops a hiding day-to-day! You open and shut the door multiple times, it gets slammed shut/open by the wind. It flexes and stresses as you drive down the road. Its a complicated bit of gear, having to operate the main door, screen door and the triple-lock system. By design they are fiddly and unfortunately fragile.

We stock a range of door handles, and offer an on-the-spot fitting service.

Door handles are identified by their brand and also whether they are LEFT hand or RIGHT hand.  The “hand” is determined by the side of the door that the HINGE is located on, when looking from the exterior of the van.  Ie, looking at your entry door from outside the van, if the hinge is on the left hand side, it is called a Left Hand Hinge Door (“LHH” Door), and you need to choose a Left Hand Door Handle (“LH Door Handle” or “LHH Door Handle”).

Common door handles are:

ATRV RH Door Handle

Aussie Traveller (ATRV) Door Handle


Camec / Trimatic Door 4 Piece Hinge

Camec Trimatic Door Hinge


Camec 3P Door - Main Lock Right Hand

Camec Door Handle



Camec 3P Door - Outer Handle Kit

Camec Outer Door Handle



Panorama Door Outer Lock W/Keys. C3717D/

Panorama Door Handle Outer


Panorama Door Inner Lock Only. C3717F/

Panorama Door Handle Inner