Baintech DC-DC Power Connector





A breakthrough innovation that provides a real alternative to Andersen plugs – giving you an easy to connect & disconnect solution for caravan heavy duty charge and fridge DC power lines.baintech-dc-dc-power-connector


The Trailer DC to DC Power Connector, gives you an easy and secure connection to your vehicle trailer. Incorporating a vibration-proof stainless steel spiral locking mechanism enabling a firm connection between the battery source and your DC-powered equipment.

Perfect for caravans, trailers or boats, the DC Connector has silver-plated copper alloy terminals & high impact UV protected glass-reinforced thermoplastic housing which prevents corrosion.

Andersen plugs have been the default solution for heavy duty cable connections between a tow vehicle and a caravan. They are well suited to connecting larger diameter cable, but have always been awkward to connect and disconnect, especially as they get older and corroded. The Baintech Trailer DC to DC power connector gives you the benefits of being able to use large diameter auto cable, with the simplicity and a large knob to pull the socket and plug together.