Suburban Hot Water System Gas Not Working

A common issue with a Suburban hot water system installed in a caravan, is that it won't run on gas. Common part numbers for this model are SW6DEA and SW6DA. There are three main causes:

  • Gas supply issue
  • Electrical issue
  • Gas valve issue
  1. Check your other gas appliances like your stove and fridge and ensure they are running properly. This will isolate the issue to your hot water system, or a common gas fault. You should also check your main regulator to ensure it is putting out the required pressure – normally 2.8kpa (requires a gas pressure meter).
  2. Check that the hot water service has 12v feed to it for ignition. Most likely cause of no 12v is a blown fuse.
  3. Gas valve – this is located on the exterior panel of the hot water system, and contains the solenoid that allows gas to flow. These are common failures after a few years use and can require replacing.

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