Tow Vehicle Auto Electrics

3Getting the electrical wiring and components in your tow vehicle is a much overlooked part of any new caravanners journey, and incorrect setups can cause all sorts of problems now and down the road.

Complete your rig with the CORRECT setup on the tow vehicle!

We commonly see two main issues:

  • “Absolute minimum” type setups that is provided from many dealers to get you out of the drive way.
  • “Ignorant of caravan” type setups where auto-electricians do their thing on the vehicle, thinking all caravans are the same.

We specialise in getting the tow vehicle side of your rig as comprehensively kitted out as the rest of your van.

Eliminate common issues like:

  • Under size wiring
  • Poor quality brake controllers
  • Incorrect trailer pin layouts
  • Incorrect charge circuits
  • Automatic energy selection fridge wiring
  • Stability control complications
  • Incompatible battery charging systems
  • Solar charging interference

We offer a full range of auto-electrics for your tow vehicle including:

  • Trailer plug wiring
  • Anderson plug charge lines
  • Brake controllers
  • DC-DC charge lines
  • Dual battery setups
  • Dual battery + house battery charging setups
  • Combination solar + DC-DC chargers
  • Reversing cameras
  • ClearView mirrors
  • Additional 12V charging sockets
  • In-car inverters for 240V power
  • USB ports
  • LED lighting for canopies and boots

So if you are getting your vehicle setup for the first time, or have never really considered what is actually installed in your vehicle – contact us today for some expert advice.