Roof Repairs

If you have an RV or 5th Wheeler that has a rubber roof that is deteriorating in the high UV Australian sun, we offer a range of options to repair or replace your EPDM rubber roof.

We are able to:

  • Replace with new EPDM rubber membrane – with an option to replace the plywood substrate underneath. This also allows us to check the condition of the roof trusses for any signs of water ingress.
  • Replace with a liquid EPDM rubber coating. We remove your existing roof lining and carefully apply a liquid form of the EPDM roof, also with the option of replacing the ply substrate.
  • Replace with a fibreglass flowcoat giving you a long-term maintenance free solution.

All roof fittings are removed, cleaned (or replaced) and resealed with Dicor sealant and/or butyl tapes as per original manufacturer’s methods