Caravan Storage Toowoomba

Now you can just pick up your van and be ready to travel instantly, enjoy the trip, and drop it back. We take care of the rest! Enjoy our flat drive-through facility – no reversing or manoeuvering required.

Caravan Storage Toowoomba

Caravan Storage Toowoomba/RVs/Motorhomes/5th Wheelers

RV Service Centre Toowoomba offers secure storage of your caravan/RV and a range of services to make your trip easier. Caravan storage Toowoomba couldn’t be easier!

We have enough space for even the largest vans. We cater for all types of RVs including caravans, 5th wheelers, motorhomes, campers & trailers.


We also offer a complete range of pre- and post-travel services including:

  • clean & detail interior and exterior
  • water tank hygienic clean, flush and fill
  • battery maintenance
  • safety and maintenance inspection
  • canvas dry out and reseal
  • tyre pressure adjustment
  • lubrication of jockey wheel and corner steadies
  • caravan cover installation/removal
  • pest/insect extermination
  • fridge check / pre-cool

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Whether you’re just looking for caravan storage Toowoomba, or to take advantage of our full range of travel services, contact us today.


More Time For You

As caravanners ourselves, we know caravanning is fantastic, but if you live in town, or don’t have space to store your van it can be a real issue. Then there is all the effort organising the van ready for travel, and the clean up once you come back. For many owners, the thought of all that just makes some of the smaller trips not worth it. Added to that, without good pre-travel preparation, things can go horribly wrong while you’re on the road. So, our range of services give you everything you need to simply enjoy more of what you want to do. As caravan service and maintenance experts, we know what to check to keep the wheels turning and the beers cold. But we go that step further to do all the little jobs that ensure your van is in good condition for storage, and fully prepped ready for your next trip. So take it easy, we’ll take care of the rest!  Contact us today.