Buying a 2nd Hand Caravan

Buying a 2nd hand caravan privately is a great way to save a few dollars instead of buying from a dealer. BUT…. it does come with it’s own risks!

Once you have purchased a 2nd hand caravan privately, you have no path of recourse if there are any issues with the van – like leaks, towing instability, faulty appliances, plumbing or electrical. Major issues like chassis problems, or structural faults are now yours to deal with, and you may not have factored these costs into your purchase price.

The RV Service Centre offers a great option for buyers and sellings wanting to transact privately, but still wanting the assurance of professional, independent advice. We will carry out a thorough inspection on the van AND provide a warranty for the 2nd hand van – without the usual fees of buying through a dealership. This is a win for the seller who now has a guarantee for their van, and a win for the buyer, knowing they are protected.

Contact us today about getting a warranty for your 2nd hand van sale or purchase.