Deep Cycle Batteries

Choosing the correct type of battery for your caravan can be overwhelming. Calcium, Lead-Acid, Deep Cycle, AGM, Gel, Amp hours, CCA… what does it all mean?

Generally, a caravan house battery should be a deep-cycle type. This is very different technology to a starter battery in your car. It allows deep, slow discharging, instead of short, intense discharge required to start a vehicle.

Deep cycle batteries have a number of different types, with cheaper units being flooded cells – where you have to maintain water levels, to sealed units, then AGM then finally Gel. All priced accordingly. 

For limited use, go for a calcium, lead-acid deep-cycle battery. This gives you good bang for your buck. But if you're a regular independent camper, using solar, go for an AGM deep-cycle. Gel batteries are generally overkill for caravanning.