Enerdrive’s New Uprated ePOWER DC2DC 40+

Enerdrive DC-DC 40A Charger

Enerdrive DC-DC 40A Charger

By customer demand, we have been working hard over the last 8 months on an uprated version of the ever popular 30A DC2DC charger. We are happy to introduce the new 40+ unit for higher output demands.

The ePOWER DC2DC 40A+ is a fully automatic multistage, multi input battery charger with the ability to charge from either an alternator linked to a start battery; or via solar power with the in-built (MPPT) Solar Controller.

With two inputs available, and capable of up to 50A output (input dependent) the house battery will be charged from either the engine while underway, or via the solar panels when stationary. The process to choose either engine or solar is fully automatic and both functions are controlled from within the unit itself without the need for external relays. Vehicle input allows for either 12 or 24v and a maximum solar input of 45V/1000W.

Fully programmable via the inbuilt LCD screen and capable of charging all battery types inc Lithium and Custom programming, the Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC 40+ is the first choice for your DC2DC charging requirements.

Caravan Hot Water System Repairs

Caravan Hot Water System Repairs

Have issues with your caravan hot water system? We can help. We service and repair all brands of caravan hot water systems including:

  • Suburban
  • Truma
  • Swift

We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock for all common models.

Caravan Safety Check Toowoomba

RV Service Centre offers comprehensive caravan safety checks for all models of caravans and trailers. This includes

  • mechanical safety checks
  • electrical safety checks
  • gas safety checks
  • appliance safety checks

If registering or transferring a caravan registration you will need a caravan safety certificate and lp gas certificate which can be supplied.

Caravan Air Conditioner Service & Repairs

Is your caravan air conditioner performing poorly? Making funny noises? Not working at all?


We offer full caravan and motorhome air conditioner repair and services, including

  • re-gas
  • replacement parts
  • refitting
  • pipe repair
  • replacement

We also offer fitting of new air conditioners to your

  • caravan
  • pop-top
  • wind up camper
  • motorhome
  • 5th wheeler
  • campervan


Service Your 5th Wheel Pin Box


Your pin box on your 5th wheeler is a critical component of the towing connection, and requires regular maintenance. Have you checked yours recently?

Our specialist 5th wheel service department can assist.