Caravan Service Toowoomba / Motorhome Service

Stay Safe and Eliminate Headaches

Servicing your caravan, pop-top, camper-trailer or motorhome ensures that your rig is ready for the next 10,000 kms of trouble-free touring, and reduces your risk of any nasty surprises while on the road. Our comprehensive RV service program checks everything in your van from wheels to cupboards, to ensure safe, relaxing travel.

We Service

Our Toowoomba workshop carries out:

  • Caravan service (including pop-tops, expandas)
  • Motorhome service
  • 5th Wheeler service
    • We stock a range of American parts suitable for most imported 5th wheelers
  • Camp Trailer service
  • Slide-Ons service
  • Campervan service
  • Trailer service


Undercarriage Service for Safety

Damaged bearings can lead to catastrophic wheel failure. Brake wear can result in longer stopping distances, or not stopping at all. The initial signs of chassis or coupling failure can be hard to spot, but left uncheck can create life-threatening on-road situations in an instant.

Our complete undercarriage service prepares your van for your next 10,000 kms by servicing wheels, bearings, brakes, axles, suspension and coupling components, and is carried out by a licensed mechanic.


Check and Inspect Service

There are a lot of different systems in your van, that all interact with each other. It takes an expert eye to pick issues early on. Our "Check and Inspect" service gives you a full report on items that may be due for future maintenance.

  • Undercarriage – tyres, wheels, brakes, bearings, axles, suspension, hand brake
  • Chassis – rails, outriggers, cross-members, drawbar/A-frame, coupling
  • Jockey wheel / landing gear lubrication
  • Exterior signal lights
  • All moving components
  • Body – signs of damage or deterioration
  • Water Ingress – windows, door, skylight & vent seals. Body joins. Wheel arch joins.
  • 240V System – circuit breaker/RCD operation
  • 12V System – battery condition, charging systems operational
  • LPG System – pressure tested for leaks
  • Fresh Water System – pressure tested for leaks, water tank mounting
  • Canvas wear
  • Gas struts
  • Grey/Black Water System – tested for leaks, water tank mounting
  • Lighting system
  • Appliance test
  • Furniture adjustment – latches, locks and stays
  • Road-test


Roof Re-Seal

Your RV roof can be one of the most neglected parts of your van. It can be hard to access, and for many people out-of-sight means out-of-mind. But, the roof is subject to the harshest conditions of any part of your van, and can cause the most damage if not maintained.

Our comprehensive service process thouroughly checks the roof for signs of deterioration and fixes any potential issues.

Older vans or unmaintained vans may benefit from a complete reseal. This is a special coating applied over the entire roof surface and provides a single waterproof membrane protecting your van for years to come. An added benefit is that the coating contains microscopic air bubbles which forms an insulating layer and can result in lower interior temperatures of over 5 degrees. Plenty of new van owners are now opting to have this coating applied just for the insulative benefits!


Don't Void Your Warranty

Did you know most RV's have a warranty that is dependent upon you getting your van serviced according to their prescibed schedule? Missing or delaying a service can void your warranty and leave you uncovered in the event of equipment failure.


More Services


Mobile Service

We offer a complete mobile service for on-site servicing of your van / trailer covering Toowoomba and surrounding areas. More Info on Mobile Caravan Service >>>

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspection

Looking at purchasing a van and need an expert opinion? We will comprehensively test the entire van and give you a complete report on all components and systems, giving you peace of mind about your prospective purchase. More Info on Caravan Pre-Purchase Inspection Services >>>