Toowoomba’s had selected areas hit with a massive down pour of hail. If your caravan, 5th wheeler or motorhome was in the area, its worthwhile having a good look over it for any hail damage.

Here are our tips for inspecting:
1) Wait until van is dry. Inspecting while wet makes damage hard to see, and is potentially dangerous
2) Check at different times throughout the day. Different light brings out different issues.
3) Check the roof! So many people forget to look up top!
4) Shining a powerful torch parallel to the surface your are inspecting shows up issues in more detail
5) Check inside the van – sometimes skylight hatches break an let water in

If you would like a professional opinion, even its its just for peace of mind that there’s no damage – get in touch with us. It’s obligation free!

If your van has suffered hail damage – it’s important to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. Give us a call and we’ll do the rest.

Ph 1300 767 055.

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